Re: How do i pass an object!!!!

From: Niket Phatak <niket_phatak_at_HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 17:42:12 +0000

You can only pass valid JAX-RPC data types, which are:
primitive types
Arrays of above types.
(Read JAX-RPC specs for other supported types)

You will need to write your own pluggable serializers-deserializers for
other data types.
(Read JAX-RPC specs for hoe to create these serializers-deserializers )

Hope this helps.

- Niket.

>From: Dilip Easwaran <dilip_at_IIITB.AC.IN>
>Reply-To: Public discussion on JAX-RPC <JAXRPC-INTEREST_at_JAVA.SUN.COM>
>Subject: How do i pass an object!!!!
>Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 05:57:58 -0700
>i tried to pass an object to a method.when i tried to create stubs for this
>i get the message:
>error:Invalid type for JAX-RPC structure:
>it is clear that i i am not passing the valid data type.but then how do i
>pass objects.and how do i serialize it??
>thanx in advance

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