JAX-RPC run time and architecture as oposed to JAXM

From: Katz, Guy <Guy_Katz_at_ICOMVERSE.COM>
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 19:48:11 +0200

hi all;
i just got into the web services jax packages and tried to understand what
is my architecture of choice for running a service. i figured that the DII
way is most suitable for me. yet something bothers me. i dont really fully
understand why use the DII system. cant i just decide that i have a main
soap servlet(a simple servlet - no stub etc.. involved) that recieves soap
messages(creates by JAXM) through a HTTP.POST and dispaches them to the
underlying service implementors (like EJB)? this seems a lot less confusing
to me than generating stubs. i remember reading that i can still can the
blocking request-response behaviour with JAXM.
please tell if i am missing something. its just that JAXM seems more elegant
and clean to me and more suitable for exposing a webservice.
i would like to hear as many views on this as possible.
thanks for your cooperation.

Guy Katz
+972 3 7663686