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From: Dale Green <dale.green_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 17:27:59 -0800 (PST)

For the jaxrpc-dev folks. I cc'd you on the original
message but got the address wrong.

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Hi Anita,

We have the beginnings of an FAQ at:

I can add some info about type mappings to the FAQ
if someone would send me the info.

- Dale

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>Are you planning to maintain a FAQ for JAXRPC?
>- Anita
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>From: Arun Gupta <arun.gupta_at_Sun.COM>
>Subject: Re: Type Mappings
>Hi Mike,
>See my inline responses.
>Mike Yawn wrote:
>> I'm looking for more information about Type Mappings
>> than I've been able to find in the tutorial and API docs.
>> I have an RMI interface I'd like to convert to JAX-RPC.
>> However, it uses some user-defined classes as parameters,
>> and a java.util.List Collection as a return type (the
>> List will always be an ArrayList, but I tried to allow
>> for future changes). The List will contain user-defined
>> types as well.
>> It appears that support for members of the Collection
>> classes is intended, but the xrpcc tool gives an error
>I'd like to clarify here that Collection classes are not supported in
>EA1, but *may* be supported in future releases. Where did you find the
>support for Collection classes in the docs ?
>> 'Invalid type for JAX-RPC structure'. I originally got
>> the error on my user-defined parameter types; after
>This error message makes sense because only JAX-RPC supported data types
>can be used in your service definition interface. And JAX-RPC supported
>data types are:
>* One of the Java primitive types
>* A subset of the standard Java classes
>* An array of a supported Java type
>* A JavaBeans class
>* An exception class
>If you have anything else in your service definition interface, this
>error message will be thrown.
>> removing these from the interface, I got the same error
>> on java.util.List. I changed List to ArrayList since it
>> isn't clear whether an interface type is legal, but
>> ArrayList also gets the 'invalid type' error.
>For the reason mentioned above, you got an 'invalid type' error for an
>ArrayList as well.
>> My questions:
>> - What do I need to do to allow support for the List or
>> ArrayList classes?
>I would recommend using the standard Java arrays instead of ArrayList
>classes. These are supported by JAXRPC runtime by default and there is
>no extra effort involved in serializing/deserializing them. However for
>including List or ArrayList classes support in your application, you
>will have to write pluggable serializer and deserializers which is not a
>trivial thing. Moreover pluggable serializer and deserializers will
>limit the portability of your application since they are specific to an
>implementation. Support for portable serializers and deserializers will
>be addressed in the next version of the JAX-RPC specification.
>> - What do I need to do to allow support for my own
>> classes?
>Please refer to section 5.3.5 of the spec. If your classes are
>conformant to the javabean design pattern and also follow the rules as
>given in this particular section, then JAXRPC runtime will take care of
>serializing/deserializing your own class. FYI, following are the
>requirements by JAXRPC:
>* JavaBeans class must be serializable to and from the corresponding XML
>representation at runtime. This means that a JavaBeans class must
>contain properties
>that are of the JAX-RPC supported Java types. If one or more properties
>do not have
>the JAX-RPC supported types, then the JavaBeans class is not mapped.
>* JavaBeans class must have a default constructor.
>* The Java type of a property must be a JAX-RPC 1.0 supported Java type
>and be
>mappable to the corresponding XML type.
>The standard rules of mapping from a javabean are as well given in the
>spec in the same section. It should be relatively straight forward to
>conform your class to javabean design pattern.
>> I believe I need to do something with defining typeMappings
>> in the typeMappingRegistry, and also that the mappings for
>> the Collection classes already exist somewhere, but this
>> is as far as I've been able to get.
>These are required only if you write pluggable serializers and
>deserializers. Once you have the various artifacts required for
>pluggability ready, then you specify the typeMappings in
>typeMappingRegistry using the config.xml file.
>Hope that helps.
>Thanks for your interest in JAXRPC.
>> Thanks for any help or suggestions,
>> Mike Yawn
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