JAXRPC-INTEREST: [Fwd: Type Mappings]

From: Anita Jindal <Anita.Jindal_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 15:20:49 -0800


- Anita

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From: Mike Yawn <myawn_at_CUP.HP.COM>
Subject: Type Mappings

I'm looking for more information about Type Mappings
than I've been able to find in the tutorial and API docs.

I have an RMI interface I'd like to convert to JAX-RPC.
However, it uses some user-defined classes as parameters,
and a java.util.List Collection as a return type (the
List will always be an ArrayList, but I tried to allow
for future changes). The List will contain user-defined
types as well.

It appears that support for members of the Collection
classes is intended, but the xrpcc tool gives an error
'Invalid type for JAX-RPC structure'. I originally got
the error on my user-defined parameter types; after
removing these from the interface, I got the same error
on java.util.List. I changed List to ArrayList since it
isn't clear whether an interface type is legal, but
ArrayList also gets the 'invalid type' error.

My questions:
- What do I need to do to allow support for the List or
  ArrayList classes?
- What do I need to do to allow support for my own

I believe I need to do something with defining typeMappings
in the typeMappingRegistry, and also that the mappings for
the Collection classes already exist somewhere, but this
is as far as I've been able to get.

Thanks for any help or suggestions,
Mike Yawn