request regarding 2.1.29 and MOJARRA_2_1X_ROLLING branches ...

From: Vernon Singleton <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2017 06:10:18 -0500

Since there is a tag and a branch of the same name which has caused some
confusion ...

$ git tag | grep "2.1.29$"

$ git branch | grep "2.1.29$"
* 2.1.29

Several of us have discussed this and would like to request that subsequent
releases of 2.1 would be made from the MOJARRA_2_1X_ROLLING branch. And
since the MOJARRA_2_1X_ROLLING needs to be brought up to date, if there are
no objections, I would like to bring MOJARRA_2_1X_ROLLING up to date with
the latest release of 2.1.

- Vernon