Re: About Mojarra Hudson 2.3 job failed for WLS

From: arjan tijms <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2016 10:31:37 +0100

Hi Zhijun,

On Friday, March 25, 2016, zhijun Ren <> wrote:

> Hi Bauke and Arjan
> Currently, the following 2 tests are failed,
> >>> com.sun.faces.test.javaee8.ajax.Issue4115IT.testSpec1412
> <>
> 2.446 5
> <>
> >>> com.sun.faces.test.javaee8.websocket.Spec1396IT.test
> <>
> Can you confirm that whether the failure is related to your commits?

To be sure, this only concerns the WLS job, right?

If that's the case then for at least 1396 it's probably the special WLS
test directive. I'm very sorry that I forgot to look at this and will check
for it right away.

I have to double check 4115, I'm not sure about that one.


All the Hudson job failures are now cc'd to
but there's no (public) archive for that. Can you see if you can change
this somehow? Either make cvs@ public or change the cc to say


Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms