URGENT: Please welcome new committers Arjan Tijms, Vernon Singleton and Neil Griffin

From: Edward Burns <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 14:19:24 -0700

Hello Mojarra Devs,

Please join me in welcoming three new committers to our project.

Arjan Tijms is a JSF EG member and long time Java EE and JSF community
member. Among other things, Arjan works on OmniFaces for ZEEF, your
portal for online information.

Vernon Singleton works for Liferay on the AlloyFaces JSF Component Library.

Neil Griffin works for Liferay on all things Portlet and JSF, as well as
being JCP spec lead of the Portlet Bridge for JSF specification. Neil
is also a JSF and Portlet EG member.

I have one URGENT request to these new committers.

Before committing, if the svn status output shows

A + your/file/path

Please svn revert and then re svn add the path to clear out that "+".
Our hudson svn system gets terribly confused with these "+" files.



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