Re: Code review request for

From: zhijun Ren <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 10:35:47 +0800

Hi Manfred,

Let me clarify the concept things:

Signature means the way how the caller do the invocation: method name,
input parameters and the expected return values;

Override changes what the method do, means the behavior changes.

The key point here is:
1. The feature UIRepeat is also in 2.1.20 and the complained issue is
also there;
2. I have done test locally which covered the tests set which is same as
that in Hudson and didn't find any of the Spec tests was broken.

Briefly, the issue exists and the fixing works and no legacy tests broken.

So what's your concern? I can't take any action before you make me
understand what you mean.


On 2/10/15, 21:56, manfred riem wrote:
> Hi Zhijun,
> An override is a signature change as well. Ed, can you please weigh in
> as well?
> Thanks!
> Manfred
> On 2/9/15, 7:29 PM, zhijun Ren wrote:
>> Hi Manfred,
>> Why do you think it is a signature change? it is overriding, the
>> signature is the same as it's parent class UIOutput:
>> /public Object getValue() /
>> and the code is now the same in 2.3.
>> The issue complained by #2717 also exists in 2.1.20 which also have
>> the UIRepeat feature.
>> Maybe I am not catching your real meaning, can you make it more clear?
>> BR,
>> Zhijun
>> On 2/9/15, 22:44, manfred riem wrote:
>>> Hi Zhijun,
>>> Unfortunately you cannot commit this as you are changing an API
>>> signature.
>>> As we discussed before for this issue you need to look to see if the
>>> test can be made to pass without changing the API signature.
>>> If that is not possible then we need to make sure the test itself is
>>> adjusted.
>>> Please verify the behavior against an older 2.1 release.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Manfred
>>> On 2/9/15, 2:12 AM, zhijun Ren wrote:
>>>> Hi Manfred and Ed,
>>>> Please help to review the code attached on 20150209, please note
>>>> that I have all the Hudson test cases locally against WLS and
>>>> didn't found any failed test cases.
>>>> attached the change here for your convenience.
>>>> BR,
>>>> Zhijun