Zhijun: review for 3129-dynamicValidator

From: Edward Burns <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 12:36:17 -0700

Hello Zhijun,

Thanks for your work on 3241-dynamicValidator.

I attached another changebundle to the issue. Here is the header of the

Please read through this changebundle, make the requested changes, and
try the tests. I didn't try the tests, so my change may require further

SECTION: Modified Files
M test/servlet30/stateSaving/pom.xml

- As mentioned by Manfred, when possible, we try to avoid adding a whole
  new test app. Generally speaking, a new test app must be added if
  either of the following conditions are true.

  * None of the existing are a good fit for this new test

  * The app requires per web-app configuration to test. For example, a
    factory in the faces-config.xml, or some specific parameters in the

  I looked for a good fit in the existing tests here. I didn't find
  one, but when I asked Manfred, he suggested

  Now, let's look at the new files:


  The tests in test/servlet30 must not have any CDI. As the name
  implies, they are "Servlet 3.0" tests. So, do not include the
  beans.xml in your commit.


  Otherwise, looks great, just meld them into
  test/servlet30/facelets/core and don't modify the pom.xml

M jsf-api/src/main/java/javax/faces/component/

- Now, I saw your changebundle posted 2014-09-11 07:45 JIRA time. I
  don't agree with that fix. I have a different proposal.

  In AttachedObjectListHolder.saveState(), if we are in the initial
  state, recognize that we still need to use a StateHolderSaver() to
  wrap the attached object, even if it does implement StateHolder.

  This is accomplished with these changes:

        if (initialState) {
            Object[] attachedObjects = new Object[this.attachedObjects.size()];
            boolean stateWritten = false;
            for (int i = 0, len = attachedObjects.length; i < len; i++) {
                T attachedObject = this.attachedObjects.get(i);
                if (attachedObject instanceof StateHolder) {
                    StateHolder sh = (StateHolder) attachedObject;
                    if (!sh.isTransient()) {
                        attachedObjects[i] = new StateHolderSaver(context, sh);
                        stateWritten = true;
                } else {
                    StateHolderSaver toSave = new StateHolderSaver(context, attachedObject);
                    attachedObjects[i] = toSave;
                    stateWritten = true;

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