Re: Issue #3021

From: Leonardo Uribe <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 12:39:23 -0500

Hi Manfred

I think in this case the spec doesn't say anything but it is implicitly

Here is the relevant in the spec:

JSF 2.0 rev A section 10.2.1 Specification of the ViewDeclarationLanguage
Implementation for
Facelets for JSF 2.0 :

".... The argument root will have been created with a call to either
createView() or ViewMetadata.createMetadataView(). If the root already has
non-metadata children, this method must return immediately. Otherwise, the
implementation must examine the viewId of the argument root, which must
resolve to an entity written in Facelets for JSF 2 markup language ..."

Typically, in ViewHandler.createView(), it is usually set the
locale/renderKitId (and contracts in JSF 2.2 spec). Why
createMetadataView() doesn't have that responsibility too? In fact the
implementation done in MyFaces call internally createView(), so
createMetadataView() never returns null.

I think we can fix it safely for 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. At the end, it is an
implementation detail related to how the view metadata is applied (if there
is an f:view tag, the information there is metadata, that's it). I can't
see any side effect doing the opposite. But maybe the spec wording should
be fixed a little bit to reflect the fact that f:view attributes are
metadata too.

In my opinion these 3 attributes:


Are very, very special, are part of the view metadata and defines the
structure of the view itself, so once initialized they don't change over
the view lifetime.


Leonardo Uribe

2013/9/17 Manfred Riem <>

> Leonardo,
> Do you think this can be changed as a bug fix or does it have a
> specification impact?
> Regards,
> Manfred
> On 9/16/2013 4:00 PM, Leonardo Uribe wrote:
> Hi
> It looks like a bug. When the view metadata is processed, the outer
> f:view tag should be taken into account, but it is clear both
> implementations are not doing anything in this part.
> regards,
> Leonardo
> 2013/9/16 Manfred Riem <>
>> Hi all,
>> Can someone please respond to the comments below? Thanks!
>> Regards,
>> Manfred
>> ============================================================================
>> Use case:
>> In a nutshell: during validations phase of a <f:viewParam> on a GET
>> request,
>> the locale of the UIViewRoot is not yet set with the value as available
>> by
>> <f:view locale="#{sessionBean.locale}">. I've read section of JSF
>> 2.1 spec if the spec confirms this behavior. It states the following:
>> > The UIViewRoot's Locale is determined and set by the ViewHandler
>> during
>> > the execution of the ViewHandler's createView() method. This method
>> must
>> > cause the active Locale to be determined by looking at the user's
>> > preferences combined with the application's stated supported locales.
>> What exactly is "user's preferences"?
>> I'd expect that the evaluated value of <f:view locale> would account as
>> an user preference. However, it is only set during beginning of render
>> response phase.
>> Is this a bug or an oversight in the spec?

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