Issue #3021

From: Manfred Riem <>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 09:35:17 -0500

Hi all,

Can someone please respond to the comments below? Thanks!



Use case:^

In a nutshell: during validations phase of a <f:viewParam> on a GET
the locale of the UIViewRoot is not yet set with the value as available by
<f:view locale="#{sessionBean.locale}">. I've read section of JSF
2.1 spec if the spec confirms this behavior. It states the following:

>The UIViewRoot's Locale is determined and set by the ViewHandler during
> the execution of the ViewHandler's createView() method. This method must
> cause the active Locale to bedetermined by looking at the user's
> preferences combined with the application's stated supported locales.

What exactly is "user's preferences"?

I'd expect that the evaluated value of <f:view locale> would account as
an user preference. However, it is only set during beginning of render
response phase.

Is this a bug or an oversight in the spec?