Container dependencies downloading

From: Anthony <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 15:35:02 +0100

Hi Manfred,


I'm trying to make some updates to the source and I've been having a lot of
issues with the dependencies. Although the source builds fine my eclipse
environment doesn't find quite a few of the jars and this has been causing
issues with eclipse moving the relating import statements at the top of the
class files. I've been uncommenting some of the code in the
dependencies.xml file so that the correct jars download. I'm having an
issue I can't fix where it's looking for quite a few files from the
dependencies/glassfish folder and this folder hasn't been created. The
strange thing is that in another branch of the JSF files that I download the
folder is there so I must have done something that downloaded and populated
this folder for that branch but I cannot find what it was even though I've
done quite a bit of searching. Would you be able to help?


All the best,