trunk and branch status: hudson-sca: TRUNK jobs disabled, 2_2X_ROLLING jobs created and enabled

From: Edward Burns <>
Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 06:59:32 -0700

Hello Team,

SECTION: svn status

After discussion on IRC, we have created the MOJARRA_2_2X_ROLLING branch
per a pattern started by Ryan Lubke many years ago.

The trunk will remain closed to commits until we start work on the JSF
2.3 MR.

SECTION: Hudson status

Internal to Oracle, we have a number of Hudson jobs that run our tests.
I have migrated the hudson-sca jobs so that for every _TRUNK_ job that
was running, there is now a corresponding MOJARRA_2_2X_ROLLING job. I
have disabled the trunk jobs since there is no sense in having them
consume any resources since the corresponding source code line is
temporarily closed.

It looks like Manfred has done the same for the jobs on slc03qna.

Conclusion: the MOJARRA_2_2X_ROLLING branch is open for commits. The
next release from this branch will be 2.2.1.

Thank you for your patience.