Query in JSF

From: Sandhya Kripalani K <>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 14:14:36 +0530

Hi ,
I had a query w.r.t JSF.
Navigation rules are defined in faces-config.xml.
_Here is my observation: _
/When the html page is constrcuted, the action attribute of the <form>
tag is formed in such a way that, the context-root is appended to the
url specified /
/in the <to-view-id>./
/ie, if following is the configuration/

/When the page is rendered, the <form> tag is formed as below:/
/<form action="/JSF/faces/Success.xhtml">/

/Hence, JSF adds the context root to the <to-view-id> URL./
*Is there any configuration in JSF, such that we could avoid the
context-root being appended to the <to-view-id> while the <form> tag
action attribute is formed?
Hence trying to acheive the following:
if <to-view-id>/Success.xhtml</to-view-id>
then, <form action="/faces/Success.xhtml">

We are developing an app to show case the capabilities of using a DNS
and load-balancer as services along with glassfish, when any application
is deployed.
The internals of the LB plugin developed, takes care of appending the
context root, thereby giving a flexibilty to the user to just give an
URL (without ip-address and context-root).
Since the load balancer plugin that we have developed takes care of
appending context-root, I want to the same to be skipped by JSF engine.

Sandhya Kripalani K