Re: regarding DelegateToGlassFishAnnotationScanner

From: Ed Burns <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 08:46:41 -0700

Moving to Mojarra dev list. Hanspeter, please read and reply there.

>>>>> On Mon, 6 Jun 2011 14:18:25 +0200, Dünnenberger Hanspeter (KSXK 43) <> said:

HD> for issue you added the check for the contextPath as part of the jar URL for the annotation scanning.

HD> I have one doubt here: what about App level jar's - I mean JAR's
HD> that are deployed on ear level and not part of the WAR - that way
HD> none of these app level jar's will be scanned - am I right?

I'm concerned about that. Yes, you are right, but I don't know of a way
to solve 1995 in light of this fact from Jerome Dochez, GlassFish architect.

JD> all classes of an ear are available in a flat namespace, that's why
JD> you need to use the getDefiningURIs APIs to figure out if the Type
JD> is in a module of interest. class-model does not know about java EE
JD> or its rule of packaging or visibility. However the containers (you)
JD> do. is that your question ?

Any thoughts?


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