Re: trunk is now for 2.2 development

From: Jason Lee <>
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 21:54:57 -0600

That can be fixed:

Kenai supports multiple SCM repos per project... ;)

On 2/12/11 9:34 PM, Edward Burns wrote:
> Now that we have management approval for doing JSF 2.2, the trunk is
> now designated for development on that line.
> The MOJARRA_2_1X_ROLLING branch will be used for continuing RI work,
> currently the 2.1.1 release.
> We are planning to continue to do 2.1 releases about every other month
> so bug fixes will need to be contributed both to trunk and the
> MOJARRA_2_1X_ROLLING branch.
> This means all of us must become very adept at merging. Too bad we're
> not using git.
> Ed

Jason Lee
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