Re: code review for 1826

From: Sheetal Vartak <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 13:33:15 -0800

Have attached another changebundle to the issue for review.

On Nov 5, 2010, at 3:19 PM, Sheetal Vartak wrote:

> Hi Ed,
> I have modified the build scripts to create a single jar called javax.faces.jar (impl + api). I am also creating a separate api jar called javax.faces-api.jar. I have created a package called com.sun.faces.mojarra_shared where the StateHolderSaver class now resides. I have removed the auto-generation of this class. So obviously have modified various classes referencing this class to point to the new package.
> With this change, I am able to access com.sun.faces.* classes from within javax.faces.* classes.
> As part of the fix for this issue, I needed to add a little bit of code to UIOutput for addressing the case where the object to be restored is of type StateHolderSaver.The 4th acid test (toggle test) which was the only test failing before is now doing what the instructions point out. So that means the issue is fixed. But I am seeing a little glitch which will need some more debugging at my end. The test brings up a page with 2 children (in the order of child 1 followed by child 2 ). During postback, the order is reversed. So everytime, one hits the postback button, the order is supposed to get toggled. Now most of times, I see the order getting toggled. But once in a while it does not!
> I do want to go ahead with the review since I have a lot of changes made to get this issue fixed. I will work on making the 4th test work consistently later.
> The patch is attached to the issue.
> Thanks
> Sheetal
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