FYI: &nbsp in xml mode

From: Jim Driscoll <>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 16:16:24 -0800

Hey there,

Just a quick note: Remember that misery of having to do transforms for
named character entities like &nbsp;, but only in XML mode, and not in
HTML mode?

Well, in the latest versions of webkit and mozilla, the issue's been
addressed, so that element.innerHTML == "test&nbsp;test"; now works,
even when content-type = appplication/xhtml+xml.

Thought you should know.

Of course, since previous versions (like FF3) still don't support &nbsp;
with innerHTML under XML mode, the SAX Transform still needs to stay in
there for at least one more full release, but you may be able to drop it
eventually around the time of 2.2 :-)