HEADS UP: Source Tree Reorg

From: Jason Lee <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 19:41:36 -0500

Ryan and I have been discussing migrating the Mojarra 2 build system
to Maven for some time now, and we'd like to get that ball rolling.
What we'd like to do is continue using the ant build while we get the
Maven build ready, then, when we're comfortable with it, just start
issuing different commands to build. To allow for this "parallel"
migration, we'd like to reorganize the tree into the Maven standard
format, and updating the ant build to reflect that. This will allow
us to write simpler POMs as we test Maven-based versions of our
various build tasks.

If there are no complaints, I will likely begin sometime this evening
(with Ryan's blessing) modifying the jsf-api sub-tree. In theory,
this should be fairly transparent, with the possible exception of IDE
project files (which we won't need once we're on Maven. :)

Are there any complaints or concerns? I hope all that made sense. If
not, you know where to find me. :)

Jason Lee, SCJP
President, Oklahoma City Java Users Group
Senior Java Developer, Sun Microsystems