Re: [1108-FlashFacesMessages] Dan Allen: Question

From: Dan Allen <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 17:07:38 -0400


To be perfectly honest, I can't quite make sense of how the ELFlash
works. But I can tell you with absolute positivity that the ELFlash
implements was hitting a NullPointerException when setKeepMessages()
was called before a redirect. Putting the flag in the request map
rather than the cookie map eliminates the NullPointerException and
successfully saves the messages across a redirect. My guess is that
the flag is interpreted somewhere else before the request ends and the
values are ultimately put in the cookie.

If you want to change the code, just be sure to put a test somewhere
that validates the behavior of setKeepMessages(). There can't be a
test now because everyone I know that has tried to use the
functionality gets the NullPointerException.


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On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 2:30 PM, Ed Burns<> wrote:
> Hello Dan,
> Are you sure you want to move those to the request map, rather than the
> cookie map?
> bash-3.00$ svn log -r 7414
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> r7414 | mojavelinux | 2009-06-10 13:14:58 -0700 (Wed, 10 Jun 2009) | 3 lines
> fix for issue 1108
> put the FacesMessages in the request map rather than the cookie map
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> bash-3.00$ svn diff -r 7414 -r 7413
> svn: Multiple revision arguments encountered; can't specify -c twice, or both -c and -r
> bash-3.00$ svn diff -r 7414:7413
> Index: jsf-ri/src/com/sun/faces/context/flash/
> ===================================================================
> --- jsf-ri/src/com/sun/faces/context/flash/ (revision 7414)
> +++ jsf-ri/src/com/sun/faces/context/flash/ (revision 7413)
> @@ -322,7 +322,7 @@
>         boolean isRedirect = this.isRedirect();
>         if (null != allFacesMessages) {
>             if (isRedirect) {
> -                this.getThisRequestMap(context).put(Constants.FACES_MESSAGES_ATTRIBUTE_NAME,
> +                this.getMapForCookie(context).put(Constants.FACES_MESSAGES_ATTRIBUTE_NAME,
>                         allFacesMessages);
>             } else {
> They need to be there for the next request, which is why I had them in
> the cookie map.
> Please respond and tell me why you think this fixed the problem?
> Thanks,
> Ed
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