Re: Checking in Andy's 180-TreeVisitor API

From: Andy Schwartz <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 22:44:42 -0500

Gang -

Another update on the tree visitor implementation. I have uploaded a
new patch which addresses:

> 2. Need to add methods to VisitContext to get the full set of ids (not just
> NamingContainer-specific ids)

The new patch (tree-visit-round3.patch) replaces my previous patch
(tree-visit-round2.patch) - it includes all of the changes in the
previous patch plus the new changes (see 180-TreeVisit for more

BTW, I decided not to support this part:

> and also to retrieve unvisited ids.

Since it is easy enough for users of the tree visitor API to track
unvisited ids on their own. No need to complicate our VisitContext
API with this.

The ajax-request and tree-visit demos run fine. I am running the unit
tests now. If you don't hear anything else from me, it means they
passed. :-)