[ANNOUNCE] JSFCentral Articles: Spring-Faces and NetAdvantage for JSF

From: Kito Mann <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 16:49:36 -0400


I'm pleased to announce a couple of recent JSFCentral articles from JSFOne
We just posted the first in a series of articles from Jeremy Grelle about
Spring Faces, the integration layer in-between Spring and JSF. Here's an

Spring Faces takes a much more prescriptive approach to integration between
JSF and Spring. A further strength of JSF is the many extension points it
provides, and Spring Faces takes full advantage of this to fit JSF more
naturally into a Spring world. It makes a number of assumptions about the
environment it is running in, such as a Spring MVC DispatcherServlet being
configured to handle request routing, and Spring Web Flow 2.x being
available as the primary controller model. It also builds upon the new
Spring JavaScript module to provide a number of lightweight JSF Ajax
components that focus on web development best practices, such as progressive
enhancement, graceful degradation, and accessibility. (Spring Faces is
designed to work with any JSF component library, thus the use of these
components is entirely optional.)

Read the rest of the article here:

Stay tuned for future articles in this series!

Earlier, we also posted a podcast interview (with full transcript) featuring
Jim Cook, Product Manager for the NetAdvantage for JSF component suite. In
his first podcast interview, James Cook provides an excellent overview of
the NetAdvantage for JSF component suite. Here's an excerpt:

Okay, so at Infragistics you are the Java product manager. Tell us about
Infragistics itself.

Infragistics is a company that is exclusively dedicated to building
front-end components for all varieties of platforms. We have Windows
offerings as well as our Java JSF offering. The company is about 20 years
old and the name Infragistics comes from a merger between Sheridan and
Protoview back in 2002 -- companies that had been building components. We
have a lot of length and depth of expertise in the component world.

Okay cool. Your product, as far as JSF is concerned, is called NetAdvantage
for JSF, right? So tell me about that.

NetAdvantage for JSF is a set of JSF components that cover most of the
bases, or really all of the bases in the componentry world. Our tools are
Ajax enabled, they are fully JSF compliant and we have a very interactive
user grid, very interactive 2D and 3D charts, various input components as
you would expect, some layout components, a noodle tree, and with our new
release we have dialogue boxes that are based on CSS so they can't be
blocked by browser pop-up blockers or that sort of thing. They are very
configurable -- you can build entire wizards with them inside a browser. It
is all focused on making the browser look more like a standard GUI
application, which is really our goal for the JSF product. I should also
mention, with our new release we are also supporting Ajax inside a portal
environment, so if you are running IBM's WebSphere portal or JBoss' or
WebLogic's, you can now do portlet-to-portlet communication on the same page
using Ajax instead of doing wiring or any of the things you might do on the
administration side of the portal. That is something a lot of our customers
have been asking for.

Download the podcast or read the transcript here:

You can expect more podcasts from JSFOne speakers throughout the year.

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