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From: Freire, Jose Luis \(PT - Lisbon\) <"Freire,>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 12:16:10 +0100

I also don't think it would be very difficult to make JSF as a bundle.
It would be great if we could downgrade some advanced JSF internals to
bypass some potencial OSGI limitations/constraints. Would any work on
JSF-OSGI be done on 1.2, or would it start on 2.0?

The first thing we need is a configure() method that we could call on
plugin activation. And then see where it breaks next.

The team has JSP working
( and on the same
page they have links to examples of JSTL and Struts.

For JSP they do it with a bundle (org.eclipse.equinox.jsp.jasper) they
describe as "Provides an OSGi friendly JSPServlet based on the use of
the Jasper 2 compiler and runtime."

So how would JSF+JSP work? Would the JSF-OSGI implementation use it's
own Jasper implementation? Or would it be simpler to start with

I am curious about what Ed Burns meant by "It makes perfect sense to me
to have the JSF impl sit on top of an OSGI stack."

Does he mean to have an JSF-OSGI extension spec so we could define
extension points to configure PhaseListeners, Navigation Handlers, etc?
Or does he mean to actually refactor the JSF Implementation to be OSGI
native? OSGI Service Layer has a lot of interesting stuff that the
JSF-OSGI implementation could use, like the Log Service for example.

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Freire, Jose Luis (PT - Lisbon) wrote:
> I'm glad you asked!

So that was you! I was too lazy to search. :)

> We could go crazy and have some other extensions points like
> javax.faces.validator to declare validators, but I don't think it
> bring any immediate benefit.

So what you're mainly interested in, then, is a way to register JSF
itself with an OSGi container as a whole, and not necessarily parts of
the JSF impl itself, right? If that's so, that doesn't seem like it
would be all that difficult, but my inexperience with the technology may

be glaring at this point. :)

Jason Lee, SCJP
Software Architect -- Objectstream, Inc.
Mojarra and Mojarra Scales Dev Team
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