[Spec] Issue 331

From: Matthias Wessendorf <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 13:48:16 +0100


regarding issue 331 ([1]) I wonder why this is only targeted for JSF 2.0.

The workaround is kind of ugly... since in several places there is direct
access to phaseListeners (List<PhaseListener>).

The RI impl of UIViewRoot is accessing it in these methods:
-notifyPhaseListeners() (a private method...)

So, I have to add a lot of code... and...
that means I also need to "implement" broadcastEvents
(another issue regarding the private broadcastEvents is listed in [2]).

So, once the "bugs" for [1] and [2] are fixed in the SPEC everybody needs
to update to JSF 2.0, right ?

Isn't that a bit harsh ?

Does that mean with JSF 1.2 (part of JavaEE 5) there is no *clean* way
of implementing an optimized
lifecycle, that supports "partial submit", like where the lifecycle
methods (processXyz()) are only called
on the "ajax-effected" components ?


Matthias Wessendorf
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