Re: javax.faces.FactoryFinder, using a list of factories

From: Rajiv Mordani <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 17:25:54 -0800

Hi Jim,
        If FactoryFinder hasn't changed too much since I first wrote it for
JAXP then that's how the JAR services API works. It returns a list of
classes. At the time the idea was that FactoryFinder would get a list of
the classes at startup time and if one was specified through the system
property then that would be the one that would be used as opposed to the
first one in the list that FactoryFinder had. Again there wasn't any
other real reason than what was being returned from the JAR services API
at the time.

- Rajiv

Jim Driscoll wrote:
> Hi -
> I'm (still) working on issue 688, and I'm wondering why the
> FactoryFinder needs to keep track of a list of factories for a single
> value? Understanding the code would go faster if I understood the use
> case...
> Thanks for any help.
> Jim
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- Rajiv