[ANNOUNCE] Project Mojarra

From: Ryan Lubke <Ryan.Lubke_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 11:57:46 -0800

Many of you may remember the efforts we went through many months ago
to poll the user community to find a good name for the JSF RI. After
attempts, a name has been decided upon that passed the scrutiny of the Sun
legal department, so we are excited to announce the winner: Project
There are likely many questions, so we will attempt to answer as many of
as we can in the following FAQ:

1 Q. So...what do we call it?
   A. Much like the RI's parent project, Project GlassFish, is referred
to as
         simply GlassFish, Project Mojarra will likewise be referred to
as Mojarra.

2. Q. Will Mojarra still be the RI?
     A. Yes. However, right or wrong, there is a certain stigma
           with being called the 'RI'. This stigma is part of what
           having a code name.

3. Q. Do you think this name change will matter?
     A. Hard to say. Either way, it's nice having a name to refer
           to the project outside of 'the RI project site' or other similar

4. Q. What does this mean for the project?
           Will a new site be created?
     A. Yes. has already been created and
           will most likely be setup to redirect to
           The mailing lists, issue tracker, etc will remain the same.
We'll start
           making small changes to the javaserverfaces site shortly
after this email has been

5. Q. I see that the Mojarra project site is configured to use
          SVN. Will the code base be moved to SVN.
    A. We're still looking into the effort/cost on moving the
          sources from
          to If we can do it with a minimal
          amount of fuss, we will.

 6. Q. Will any of the artifact names change (i.e. jsf-api.jar and
    A. Probably not until we ship an implementation of JSF 2.0,
          however, future versions of the 1.2 release may change the
          log/version message to reflect the name change.

7. Q. Why Mojarra?
     A. As some may recall, we asked the community for a series of
           potential names for the project. The top 4 names were submitted
           to legal and each, for various reasons, were not approved.
           came up in some private discussions between some of the
           and we decided to submit that and see what would happen.

8. Q. That's all well and good, but what does it MEAN?
     A. Mojarra is a Fish (yes, another Fish). Note that this
          doesn't necessarily mean the logo has to be a fish.

9. Q. Yeah, what about the logo?
     A. We don't have one...yet. If you'd like to take a crack at a
submission, then
           please send your idea to the dev/user mailing lists. Nothing
has been finalized
           yet, but I'd like to have a prize for the winning design.
I'll send a follow up
           to the list if that idea pans out.

I think that will cover the common questions. If there are any other
questions, follow up on this thread.