Request for ideas (was: Re: SOLVED - Re: [DateTimeConverter] Tag issue ?)

From: Ed Burns <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 08:43:18 -0800

>>>>> Unified EL Spec says:
>>>>> If A is String: return A
>>>>> Otherwise, if A is null: return ""

MW> But...

MW> isn't that silly ?

JH> I believe this is a carry over from JSTL.

RL> Most likely. Getting it logged on the spec tracker. That way Ed/Roger
RL> can track it and bring the issue up with the EL spec folks.

Matthias, Jacob is correct. Returning "" in this case is a usability
decision. A similar one is how we return a descriptive string when you
try to look up a key from a ResourceBundle via the EL, and the key is
not present. The underlying technology, java.util.ResourceBundle,
throws a MissingResourceException, but we decided showing "key {0} not
found" to the user was better.

This is the sort of thing for which we can now specify software lifecycle
dependent behavior, thanks to [313-DevLifecycle] [1].

In that regard, can people on this list please share some ideas for how
best to make use of [313-DevLifecycle]?




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