RE: [REVIEW] New configuration and managed bean code

From: Jesse Alexander \(KSFD 121\) <"Jesse>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 10:39:12 +0200

  - Figure out how to find and register custom
    implementations. The idea behind this SPI is to allow a pluggable
    to return URLs to faces-config files from non-standard locations.
    feature was started per a private discussion between myself and
    from OSGI. Right now, the SPI is in place, but that's about it.
==> Why not use the jar-file/META/INF/services mechanism as used (eg) by
    to configure the logger-factory. Drop in the jar-file and you have a
provider specified...

  - Implement a feature to expose the result of parsing all resources in
the form
    of a merged DOM which application developers may make use of
(originally I had
    thought of just pushing an array of DOMs that developers could sift
through, but
    it was pointed out that a merged dom would be more useful)
==> as JMX-ManagedBean? Please, please, please...

As for the rest of the code... no comment as of now.


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Change bundle and new source files are attached.

Looking for any/all feedback ;)