High level plans/ideas for _05

From: Ryan Lubke <Ryan.Lubke_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 08:11:00 -0800

Hey folks,

1.2_04 will be out the door soon, so I have been giving kicking around
some ideas
for _05.

- Remove dependencies of commons from the RI (at least the runtime portion)
   * refactor the config subsystem to use DOM/XPath
       + standard API in SE 5, no need for additional dependencies
       + Option to store the parsed DOMs in application scope
          for those who would like access to the parsed data (perhaps
          something in an extension element).
       + reduce JAR size of jsf-impl (no commons classes, no
          com.sun.faces.beans or rules)
    * ManagedBeanFactoryImpl has a dependency on
       BeanUtils - need to come up with equivalent methods
       for ReflectionUtils

- Rewrite the renderers and supporting methods to:
    * reduce the number of write calls
    * reduce the amount of formatting characters written?
    * just generally more effecient

- Bug fixing of course

Anyone have ideas on some other things to try and tackle?
Comments on the above?