RE: Enable com.sun.faces.externalizeJavaScript by default?

From: <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 14:47:38 -0500

Does the JS ever change or is it static?

What's the overhead of pushing another request through JSF vs. sending the response down in one lot? We're tweaking our own applications in an attempt to actually reduce the amount of external requests for JS/CSS/etc. Looking at some .NET apps, recieving 32k in a single request may prove more performant than 4 or 5 requests over the internet for the same amount of data (24k, 2k, 5k, 1k, 1k), each with a lag time of 16ms>100ms even with the caching headers.

>So I'm curious what you all think about enabling
>com.sun.faces.externalizeJavaScript by default.
>If enabled:
> - The default commandLink renderer will render an external script
>reference for the commandLink JS
> instead of inlining in the page
> - A PL will be inserted into the lifecycle to intercept the external
>JS request and serve the bytes
> (caching headers are set, so the browser shouldn't be requesting
>said bytes repeatedly)
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