Re: Issue 484 - Is f:subview still needed?

From: Adam Winer <>
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 13:55:39 -0800

Norbert von Truchsess said the following on 2/2/07 1:43 PM PT:
> Ryan Lubke schrieb:
>> Hey Folks,
>> I'm out of ideas on this one. So far, I've tried to come up with a
>> portable way to
>> detect that JSF is executing within the context of a JSP Tag file in
>> order to handle
>> the JSP ids, but there doesn't seem to be any way at this point.
>> My last entry in the bug led me to believe a potential issue with the
>> JSP implementation,
>> but after bringing it up to the JSP spec leads, they state it's a case
>> of bad wording
>> and Jasper is doing the right thing.
> I agree, what Jasper ist doing ist not in contrast to what JSP-spec
> says. It's a weakness of the JSP-spec. that JspIdConsumer does not
> deliver what one might expect on the first look.
>> So, hopefully someone out here has an idea or two on how we might be
>> able to
>> tackle this one, otherwise, the only solution I see is to use f:subview.
> I suggest to drop use of Containergenerated ids and generate them within
> JSF (as it's allready implemented to support containers that don't
> generate jspids). Or at least postpone it until the JSP-EG decides to
> come up with a more satisfactory definition of what JspIdConsumer should
> deliver.

PLEASE no. JspIdConsumer is a monumental improvement
over the situation in JSF 1.1.

I do agree that we should push for some stronger
language on the meaning of JspIdConsumer in the
next rev of the JSP spec.

-- Adam

>> Please review
> I did run the unit-test against my patch and see that it needs a little
> tweaking to pass them all. Hope I have the time soon to finish this.
>> Thanks,
>> -rl
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