JSF Component Question

From: Jason Lee <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 16:21:19 -0600

I'm trying to write a JSF component wrapper for the YUI tree component.
My first thought on how to represent the tree's data to the component,
based on discussions I've overheard around the office is TreeNode, with
which I have no experience. I quickly discovered that that interface's
package is javax.swing.tree. My gut reaction is that it seems a little
odd to have a JSF component using a Swing interface for its data model,
but I see no better, existing interface/class with which to model my
tree's data. Another option is to design a custom class for just this
purpose. Anyone have any thoughts? For now, I'll probably keep
plodding along with TreeNode and see what happens in the interim. :)
Jason Lee, SCJP
Programmer/Analyst <>