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I'm pleased to announce that JSF Central has just published an interview
with SoftAspects architect and project manager, Michael Lyubchenko. In
this interview, Michael discusses the WebGalileo Faces component suite,
JSF/AJAX integration libraries, JSF 2.0, and the biggest problem with
developing JSF components.

Here's a quote:

KM: How did you get involved in JavaServer Faces?

ML: I had been working a lot with Java web presentation frameworks by
the time when Sun released the JSF specs and Reference Implementation
(RI). My colleagues and I saw a huge potential in JSF for all Java
developers, enabling us to unify the way any web application could be
developed. We thought that if we could release components that may be
useful in real-world projects, it would prove the huge benefits of using
JSF as the de-facto standard for the presentation tier.

KM: What do you think is the best feature of JSF in terms of component

ML: The JSF RenderKit feature is among the best; it supports different
client devices.
Read the full interview here:

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