RI Renaming

From: Jason Lee <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 17:12:51 -0500

OK. I'm going to start this thread back up. We need to pick a name and
run with it, so I've created this page:
For those that prefer to read it all in an email, here's the page.
Enjoy! (And vote! :)

Suggested Names

* Musical Terms

        * Crescendo
        * Fortissimo
        * Arpeggio
        * Capo
        * Legato
        * Presto
        * Dorian
        * Mixolydian

* Faces In Various Languages

        * Facce (it)
        * Cara (es)
        * Gesichter (de)

* Celestial-themed

        * Sunshine
        * Shepherd
        * Project Helios

* Professional

        * JSF Professional Series (this could be a suffix to a
code name)

* Miscellaneous

        * Silhouette

"Visage" has been removed due to a conflict.

Here's we'll do the voting, barring any major objections. We'll vote
Heisman style: You'll list your top 3 names. A first place vote gets 3
points, second place gest 2 points, and third place gets 1 vote. The
name with the highest point total will be adopted the official moniker
of the RI, and we can finally move on from this. I'll track the votes
and announce the winner after $NUMBER {days|weeks}. How does that sound?
OK, I hope. Just list your top three in order, then mail them to jdlee
at java dot dev dot net, and I'll do the math.

Let the voting commence!

(This endeavor is being operated under the auspices of official
approval. The Sun JSF Reference Implementation is in no way associated
the Heisman Trophy. : )

Jason Lee, SCJP
Programmer/Analyst <>