Re: Welcome Jason Lee

From: Ed Burns <>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 11:54:19 -0700

>>>>> On Mon, 18 Sep 2006 12:01:54 -0700, Ryan Lubke <Ryan.Lubke_at_Sun.COM> said:

RL> I'd like to welcome Jason Lee (littlezoper on the IRC channel)
RL> as a committer to the project. Jason has provided several patches
RL> in the past, provided many reviews, and has helped in the implementation
RL> of several features.

RL> Some background on Jason:

RL> Jason Lee is a Programmer/Analyst for International Environment
RL> Corporation in Oklahoma City, OK working with web-based technologies
RL> such as JavaServer Faces and AJAX, as well as enterprise technologies
RL> based on the Glassfish platform. Jason has been writing software
RL> professionally since 1997 in a wide variety of languages and
RL> environments, including Java, PHP, C/C++, and Delphi on both Linux/Unix
RL> and Windows. Jason is also currently serving as the vice president of
RL> the Oklahoma City Java Users Group, where he is an active member and
RL> presenter.

This is great news! I'm very happy to have you as a committer!


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