Re: RestoreViewPhase modifies viewId and breaks backward compatibility

From: Ryan Lubke <Ryan.Lubke_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 07:47:11 -0700

Ken Paulsen wrote:
> Previously in JSF (version included w/ the FCS release of GlassFish / AS
> 9) the behavior of the RestoreViewPhase.execute() method was to pass an
> *unmodified* version of the viewId to the ViewHandler.restoreView() or
> createView() method. This now passes a modified viewId. In the case of
> an extension mapping such as ".jsf", it will replace ".jsf" with ".jsp"
> (or whatever the "DEFAULT_SUFFIX" is defined to be).
> First, this breaks backward compatibility. I have a view handler that
> used the viewId to locate the file. It did not enforce any particular
> extension such as ".jsp". When the code runs under the new behavior it
> no longer works.
> 2nd, this limits an application to a single extension for writing JSF
> pages. So... if I use .jsf then .jsp files will no longer be found and
> vice-versa. My users will no longer be able to use multiple extensions
> and Servlet mappings.
> I notice that the intent seems to be to define a "DEFAULT" suffix.
> However, the implemention (and the way the spec seems to be written) do
> not provide a way to allow for more than 1 suffix per application. I
> doubt this was the intent of changing the behavior. Am I missing something?
> IMO, the changing of the suffix should *only* happen in the
> ViewHandler.renderView() method (as it used to). And if a configurable
> default suffix is desired, the ViewHandler impl's should be responsible
> for this and possibly means to obtain a modified viewId should be
> provided for convenience.
> Comments?
I added comments to your issue [1]
> Ken
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