CommandLink clearing and thirdparty form submitters

From: Michael Youngstrom <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 11:44:15 -0600

I've created a spec issue that lays out a small problem that occurs
when clicking on a commandlink->the back button->then clicking on some
non commandlink component that submits a form.

I'm soliciting ideas that might fix this problem in a simple enough
way to hopefully get it included in the the 1.2 maintenance release.

I personally see the problem as 2 fold:

First, I think there needs to be some standard mechanism for third
party components who submit themselves to reset all components on the
form where the back button might have messed up their state.

Second, I think third party components, who function in a way similar
to commandLink, need some way to register themselves for reset (in
case of back button) by this standard reset mechanism.

Any ideas?