RE: Displaying the configuration for a particular context.

From: Stan Silvert <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 15:24:04 -0500

It's good when you are trying to configure your app for the first time,
but after that it gets annoying. If you have lots of JSF apps in the
same app server then it adds quite a bit of noise to the log. I
suppressed these messages in JBoss 5 but I allow you to easily turn them
back on if needed.

I'm fine with leaving it the way it is.

Stan Silvert
JBoss, a division of RedHat

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> Subject: Displaying the configuration for a particular context.
> Hey All,
> What are your thoughts on the recent builds displaying configuration
> information
> to the log (i.e. displaying the values for context init params
> explicitly configured or not)?
> Personally, I prefer it. It makes it very easy to determine how an
> application is configured without having to enable logging.
> What do you all think? Distracting? Not useful?
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