RE: It's about time we had a code name and a logo

From: <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 16:02:42 -0400

celestial seems to be the theme with Sun's projects, but then there's glassfish--

I think a cool celestial term for the project name would be 'sheperd', whose scientific description falls in line with JSF ;-)

"In various instances now we know that ring structures in the Jovian planets are stabilized by small "shepherd moons" that orbit in or near the rings and stabilize them by their gravitational influences."

"... Although such shepherd satellites clearly play a significant role in ring structures, we only partially understand the details of these roles."

>I'm not speaking for anyone else when I say this, but I've become
>somewhat wearing
>of our project being referred to as the "RI".
>So, that having been said, I'm looking to see what others have for ideas.
>Please post em here!
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