Seeking Review: JSFRI192

From: Ed Burns <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 09:23:29 -0700

Can someone please review change-bundle REVISION 1. The summary of the
change-bundle is below.



Issue: jsfri 192

This change-bundle removes the mock objects and cactus layer from the
javaserverfaces-sources CVS repository and instead places a dependency
on the jsf-extensions glassfish module; namely, the
jsf-extensions-test-time.jar artifact inside that module. This jar must
be downloaded and placed in $HOME/.maven/repository/jsf-extensions/jar
once this change-bundle is committed to run the unit tests. Note that
you don't have to have maven installed to do this, just create the
directories and put the file in there. The reason I have it in a local
maven repository is that the jsf-extensions glassfish module installs it
there when running the jar:install goal, which is convenient.

I'll update the test documentation accordingly on

You can get the jar from

This change-bundle also upgrades the cactus test dependency to 13-1.7.1.
You can download cactus 1.7.1 from


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