Four questions with regard to JSF and Glassfish

From: Jacobus <>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 17:37:59 +0200

Greetings everyone,

Please have a look and see if you can give some advice... I'm on my
knees and begging - pleeaasse help!

This is my server setup:
- Dual P4 3GHz with 1 Gig RAM
- Glassfish build 18
- Gentoo Linux
- PostreSQL with PostGIS

For development myself and a buddy are using Sun Java Studio Creator 2
Early Access 2.

1. We are trying to build a web site that has to get records from a
PostgreSQL database. The tables all have roughly 10 million records in
them (read only data for spatial and statistical queries). My main web
page takes about 3 min's to open, even though the main page does not do
any queries. Is something caching the data somewhere, and what can I do
to stop it? Is there some way of "disabling" the data components or
rowsets? Any advice?

2. Can anyone give me advice on shrinking the sizes of the WAR files
created by Creator Studio. If you start a blank JSF Web Application and
export the WAR, then you are sitting with a 7 Mb large WAR file! This is
a little harsh by any standard. I'm developing from home and have to
upload via GPRS, this is tedious and expensive.

3. If anyone knows how to get Creator Studio to deploy on Glassfish
automatically, I will also be very happy to hear.

4. Is it possible to tweak the themes that come with Creator Studio.
They are sexy, but we need a different colour.

Thanks in advance,
"have a jolly day"