Re: None Managed bean with non none references

From: Michael Youngstrom <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 09:40:50 -0600

>just as "request" can access "session"
>and "application", "none" should be able to access
>all three.

I think what the spec is trying to do, by limiting what can be put
into 'none', is to prevent accidental indirect scope extension of a
managed bean. Because, unlike Request 'none' can be put into any
scoped bean.

For example, if I have a 'session' scoped bean and inject into it a
'none' scoped bean that has injected into it a 'request' bean. By
doing this I'm essentially increasing the scope of the 'request' bean
to session within the context of the 'session' bean.

I can see a reason for the limitation, a debatable one anyway.
However, I cannot see any reason why an 'application' scoped bean
would not be allowed inside of a 'none' scoped bean since the above
situation would not be a problem if injecting application scoped