Re: None Managed bean with non none references

From: <>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 19:42:01 +0200

I think that makes sense with the new EL stack, really the case you are
presenting would be coordinated in bean management outside of JSF
because you 'none' scope actually means something-- managed externally.
 So the correct solution would be to declare those 'none' beans in its
own VariableResolver/ELResolver and then use EL to manage the
relationships from JSF on your own.

-- Jacob

Michael Youngstrom <> wrote on 08/16/2005, 07:34:13 PM:
> Does anyone know why it is invalid to inject a non-none managed bean into a
> none managed bean?
> ManagedBeanFactory.hasValidLifespan()
> It seems to me this would be a useful configuration in some instances. It
> would seem that if you could come up with a case for a managed bean with
> scope none you could come up with a reason to place request, session, or
> application scoped managed beans in it.
> Mike