Review: Fix for JSF RI 87 and state saving changes

From: Jayashri Visvanathan <Jayashri.Visvanathan_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:16:34 -0800

M conf/test/web.xml
  Make the number of views to persist in session to be 20.

M src/com/sun/faces/application/
  Complete changes for JSF Spec issue 11
  - remove code related to high availability state saving since
  state saving in server is now HA enabled by default.
  - Allow LRUMap size to be configurable via ServletContextInitParameter.

M src/com/sun/faces/renderkit/html_basic/
  Fix for Issue 87: If UISelectone/UISelectMany component is disabled,
  "disabled" on select tag and ignore any "disabled" attribute specified
  on option tags.

M web/test/RenderResponse_correct
M web/test/TestRenderResponsePhase.jsp
  updated test and golden files.