[REVIEW][4- HeaderClasses]

From: Roger Kitain <Roger.Kitain_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 16:16:49 -0500

Summary: Add headerClass/footerClass at the dataTable "column" level;

Issue Detail:

SECTION: Modified Files
M jsf-api/doc/standard-html-renderkit-base.xml
M jsf-api/doc/standard-html-renderkit.xml
--- added entry for HtmlColumn
--- included column-props.xml
M jsf-ri/src/com/sun/faces/renderkit/html_basic/
--- for each child column, render the headerClass/footerClass column
    attributes (if present); Otherwise default to the table level
    headerClass/footerClass (if present)
M jsf-ri/src/com/sun/faces/taglib/html_basic/
--- add headerClass/footerClass properties; include in setProperties method.
M jsf-ri/web/test/RenderResponse_correct
--- new golden file for test
M jsf-ri/web/test/TestRenderResponsePhase.jsp
--- include h:dataTable with two nested columns
M jsf-tools/conf/TAG-DEF-12.txt
M jsf-tools/conf/TAG-DEF-21.txt
--- include headerClass/footerClass attributes
A jsf-api/doc/column-props.xml
--- new properties for "column" (headerClass/footerClass)