Issue #15 EL Implementation Change Bundle - 3rd Revision

From: Jacob Hookom <>
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 19:14:21 -0500

Here is another change bundle for the new EL implementation (3)

Changes since last bundle
applicationCreateValueBindingRSETest - No ReferenceSyntaxException
raised when passed a value binding like ${}

applicationGetValueBindingNPETest - ReferenceSyntaxException raised
instead of NPE when passed a null String argument.

applicationCreateMethodBindingNPETest - ReferenceSyntaxException raised
instead of NPE when passing a null ref.

applicationCreateMethodBindingRSETest - ReferenceSyntaxException not
raised when provided an invalid ref (e.g requestScope.attribute - no
expression brackets
is invalid).
FIXED, requires #{...} syntax now

JSP 2.0 COERSION RULES - Complete match except for JSP spec says null to
String type should be "" which caused tests to fail, change bundle will
instead return null in this case

Also, as Ryan submits back issues with the TCK, I've been adding them to
the RI tests. This bundle includes tests for the above changes,
including extensive coersion tests

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