[javaee-spec users] Re: [jsr366-experts] Java EE 8 schedule

From: Werner Keil <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 00:13:43 +0100


I was hoping to see this on the Java EE 8 EG list, but it does not work.
Anyway, not much point trying to fix it at least not on less than
a month before it goes away. So I subscribed to the Users list for now.

Glad to hear Java EE 8 seems on track and plans to go Final in 2017.
Many JSRs like JSON-B/JSON-P, Servlets or JSF and CDI 2 look fairly

The Umbrella JSR only passed EDR recently but since it more or less wraps
the others, it should be able to catch up.

I'm not sure, if JMS will even be touched, at least dropping 2.1 sounded
like the status quo will be 2.0 as it is, no enhancements. Hard to say for
JPA, but unless there is a MR very soon, it also seems unchanged.

I am subscribed to at least the JAX-RS list and it's hard to say, if it
will make it in time. There is still a lot of discussion even about basic
naming of elements, so I would not bet it'll make it in time before a
feature freeze. Unlike any other JSR (even 380 published one) it has never
even done an EDR so far.

Bean Validation, the most recent JSR by number did, but hard to say if the
whole cycle (including support for new SE 8 features like Date/Time, etc.
or a possible synergy with Type Annotations) can be finished by May or June
for an actual feature JSR rather than a pure umbrella.

Can you tell us plans or predictions especially for those two JSRs? Are
they still considered for EE 8 or more likely included in a new version?
(8.1 or 9)

I'll moderate a Java EE 8 panel at JavaLand in the community track in about
a month, so I'd also love to share some of it with the audience and panel

No dedicated EE 8 track there, but we have a mix of EE and SE topics for
the Developer Week Java day in the lasts week of June. Given Java EE 8
should be Feature Complete by then, there should also be some way of
communicating it at DWX.



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This is very good news indeed. In the same vein, this makes the discussion
on platform-wide alignment with Java SE 8 perhaps even more important. It's
clear some of that work is being done, but what is the plan overall?

Some of the things that I worry about is repeatable annotations in
JMS/EJB/JPA/JavaMail, date/time support in JPA, CompletableFuture support
in EJB/WebSocket/Concurrency Utilities, etc. Even if not all of this can be
done in Java EE 8, it would be good to know that the gap analysis was done
and there is a plan (even if not necessary the most ideal plan). Even if
the plan is evolving, that would be good to know too.

Lastly, I am due to give a talk on Java EE 8/9 at DevNexus on Thursday. I
will be happy to share this news with the audience. I am sure it will be
taken well.



On 2/21/17 3:17 PM, Linda DeMichiel wrote:

I'd like to give you a heads-up on our planned timelines
for the completion of the Java EE 8 Platform.

In view of our previously stated goals to complete
Java EE 8 in advance of JavaOne 2017, our specification
leads have been working against fairly agressive schedules.

These are the target dates we are working against for our
specifications, including the Platform. A number of
JSRs are further along, and are expected to complete well
in advance of these dates:

  Public Review - Apr/May 2017
  Proposed Final Draft - June 2017
  Final Release - July 2017