[javaee-spec users] [jsr366-experts] Re: Java EE 8 Early Draft 2 specification documents

From: Kevin Sutter <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2016 17:32:37 -0600

Hi Linda,
Took a quick review of the Early Draft 2 and have a few quick questions...

o JavaMail 1.6? This wasn't part of your presentation at JavaOne. Is it
just standard practice to update JavaMail with every Java EE release?

o Shouldn't we be updating WebSocket to 1.1? It's still listed as
WebSocket 1.0 in the spec.

o I'm assuming that updating Common Annotations to 1.3 is also a required
update for Java EE 8?

o I'm surprised to see JPA 2.2 in Java EE 8. I know it's been discussed
on both this forum and the jpa forum, but I didn't think there was enough
interest to sign up for this effort.

o What about the Interceptors spec? You had proposed changes to that
spec earlier this year. Shouldn't we include that as Interceptors 1.3 MR?

o I don't see mention of the two new spec proposals for Health Check and
Config API. I don't even think they have JSR numbers yet, but we should
probably include them in the platform spec.

o Similar comment for Security 1.0 (JSR 375). Shouldn't we include that
in the platform spec?

These were my initial findings. I realize this is just an early draft,
but I'm thinking we should start including the main parts of the Java EE 8
plan. Thanks, Linda!

Kevin Sutter
STSM, Java EE and Java Persistence API (JPA) architect
e-mail: Twitter: @kwsutter
phone: tl-553-3620 (office), 507-253-3620 (office)

From: Linda DeMichiel <>
Date: 11/28/2016 12:24 PM
Subject: [jsr366-experts] Java EE 8 Early Draft 2 specification

I've just uploaded to our project documents area
( the drafts of the
Java EE 8 Platform and Web Profile specification documents that we
plan to submit to the JCP for Early Draft 2 review.

Changes to the specs are listed in the "Revision History" sections of
the documents. Changebars in the documents reflect changes since the
Early Draft 1.

Changes include the move of CORBA-related technologies such as IIOP to
"Proposed Optional" status, as we decided last December. Changes also
reflect Oracle's proposal to withdraw the JMS 2.1 JSR, and instead
include JMS 2.0 in Java EE 8. We have also removed MVC 1.0 from the
list of required technologies, given Oracle's proposed plan to not
continue with this JSR in Java EE 8. Please see also