[javaee-spec users] Re: (JavaEE alignment)

From: Kevin Sutter <>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 13:08:46 -0500

Thanks, Ondrej. Can you summarize the changes for the JCache 1.1 MR, or
reference a pointer to a summary? Are the changes process-related, or are
there also changes to the API and/or TCK? Your note referenced that Greg
is about to release a public version of the updated spec. What are the
expected GA dates for the standalone JSR update, regardless of the
inclusion into Java EE 8? Thanks for your help!

Kevin Sutter

<> wrote on 09/26/2016 10:21:56 AM:

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> Date: 09/26/2016 10:22 AM
> Subject: [javaee-spec users] (JavaEE alignment)
> We had the JCache + Java EE BOF at JavaOne, with Hazelcast, Payara and
> Tomitribe there, where we discussed what is missing in JCache to align
> it with Java EE. Fortunately, Linda Demichiel at JavaOne talk confirmed
> that JCache is still a welcom addition to Java EE if the EG can
> continue the work to bring it to Java EE. So our effort still seems to
> fit the official plans with Java EE.
> The discussion suggested that there are three groups of issues that
> future versions of JCache could be taargeting:
> - necessary improvements to align with Java EE (we need them to bring
> JCache into Java EE)
> - this includes areas such as specifying default JNDI names, define
> classloader behavior to isolate cache for separate deployments, cache
> descriptor
> - optional improvements (CDI cache scope, asynchronous API, injection
> of Cache and CacheManager) - seems that Payara, TomEE and WildFly
> already put some effort on their own, and would welcome a standard
> approach
> - integration with other specs (JPA 2nd level cache, caching JPA
> queries, facelet cache in JSF, JTA to span transaction over both cache
> and database, ...) - JCache should provide means to do it, but first
> JCache needs to be officially included in Java EE scope
> We try to gather issues in this github repo:
> it also contains simple proof of concepts for some issues.
> I suggest focusing on the first group of issues to to at least get
> JCache into JavaEE in a usable form. At least one of the 3 current spec
> leads, Greg Luck, is working on a draft for a maintenance release 1.1,
> so once it is public, we can revise if something needs to be added to
> be accepted as part of Java EE 8.
> The issues in the 2nd and 3rd group would probably target Java EE 9,
> but as the plan is to work on Java EE 9 in parallel, we may be working
> to resolve them already now.
> In the end I want to highlight that JCache ended relatively high in
> both latest DZone/JavaEE Guardian and MicroProfile surveys (among first
> 5 in each survey). There are high expectations from the users and the
> community to have JCache in Java EE soon. There are also new subjects
> interested in joining the EG
> (
> 216328).
> I hope that JCache EG and their supporters can get additional guidance
> from the Java EE expert group and JCP to make including JCache in the
> next version of Java EE posible.
> Cheers,
> Ondrej Mihályi
> Java EE developer, lecturer and Payara engineer