[javaee-spec users] Introduction; first question on extension w/ default methods

From: Scott Kurz <>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2016 10:12:47 -0400

Quick introduction: I'm Scott Kurz from IBM, spec lead for Batch (JSR

We're still planning on getting a Batch 1.1 Maintenance Release update
into EE 8.

In the past, according to this anyway:
it wasn't permitted to add new interface methods to listeners that apps
must implement since it breaks source compatibility.

So with EE 8 requiring Java 8 (hopefully a correct assumption), and with
Java 8's default methods, is it now an option to add new methods with
default implementations,
(assuming the individual specs can define a reasonable default and write
it into the spec)?

Is this the right forum BTW for asking about individual specs' maintenance
release ideas/issues as a part of the bigger EE platform? Or is there
some spec leads forum or something?

Thank you,
Scott Kurz
WebSphere Batch / Compute Grid Development